Does it exist any Android app to connect to AIM Phoenix?

I just want to try out AIM (cause I never knew about it and I got interested in IM clients recently) but because my main PC stopped working and I don’t have many around the house (just a few laptops) I was searching for a client to connect to it on my cellphone but I can’t seem to find any app (official or third party) to connect to AIM Phoenix. Does anybody know about one? Thanks in advance!

There is an Android version of AIM, from doing a quick Google search, but it was created around the early 2010s, when those kinds of mobile versions of IMs used gateways to connect to the service, methinks, something that @Wildman_Fujiami hasn’t implemented yet.

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Oh well, it was worth dreaming at least. I’ll try to use some of the laptops for it. Thanks!

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if it’s from the 2010s it would probably use ClientLogin and SSL as well, making it just that much more difficult to do.