Does Escargot support WLM 2009?

Does Escargot support WLM 2009? If Escargot support, how to patch it?


someone has created first server for wlm2009 and tutorial how to do it, why escargot dont support it???

Escargot Developpers are making WLM2009 a thing, they are very close to complete it.

Patching had issues with Windows 7


Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s stable for everyone to use. You cannot push out a service that is unstable or half finished.

just wait, a new patch is being worked on that will hopefully work

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It is currently under development :blush:

now no because developers work with messenger on msn tv

this is for wlm 2009


close enough. not quite wiat until an official announcement here or on discord but really it’s relatively close.

  1. sorry for the bump
  2. its now out