Does anyone want Skype classic back

Does anyone want Skype classic back,is there a patch just like Escargot for it? Does anyone miss it?


I miss it already, this was the best version to me.
I doesnt used older versions lol, probably skype 6 or 5.

Yes, i want to revive it back, but escargot doesnt have a patch for it.

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i dont really like skype i prefer msn

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yes especially skype 5 my fav version

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I prefer msn more than skype

I prefer msn more, Jamshed sus Literally everyone is voting Jamshed2

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I’m not the imposter, it’s red

but you vented

You did, I “swear”

i see you killed The msn butterfly

No, I was just walking until I saw a dead body

but what if you used skype as a weapon to kill msn?

dramatic sound

I swear, I don’t even touch Skype now

then vote me

after being voted out
“Zzx is not An imposter”
“1 imposter remians”


jetix64 joined

I hate Skype :rage:

Are you the imposter?