Does anyone remember Comic Chat?



not me anyway, also, another microsoft thing that uses IRCX (Internet Relay Chat Extensions)


# Appears as TIKI
(#G010E010M1) Hello :p

It really was quite fun and clever, and Iā€™d love to see an updated version with colour. One big problem is that it got old and tired too quickly, Iā€™m not sure how that could be better addressed :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes i downloaded in
I will make with you


make with me


Microsoft Chat 2.5 did have color for characters and backgrounds. I think it would be neat to see a reimplementation with support for more IRC servers, but yeah, it could grow old quickly. Maybe as a plugin for another client?


Make With me. could i Make a server?


You can use any IRC server to try it out, like the old MessengerGeek channel.

For the server put in:
and for the chat room: #messenger


could i enter


Shit. That screenshot is from Whistler (codename of XP). Probably between build 2419-2428.


i cant enter


I do enjoy that watercolor theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this help?


yes But cant enter


entered Thanks


@Leo_Historias are you happy now? Because im not


Im the only UNLUCKY here? @TReKiE what i need to add&edit with regedit
or maybe needs administrador powers.


i joined, is someone there?


that error is normal for imports.