Do you think escargot is good to revive windows live essentials 2012?

They could relive the whole course. I understand that it will take WLM 2012 to arrive but because they do not relive also the protection for family etc. it would be cool right?



ow i think this guy is a Dad

because he wants a setting for family protection

alot of time is taken into revivals, they usually take alot of time.
WLM 2009 will be coming out soon so they could try to relive that?

about your concerns of protection for your family, don’t worry.
from far as I know, there hasn’t been any cases of suspicious people or activity.

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I think that he meant some family settings software in essentials. Not sure what needs to be revived with it, maybe the windows live account stuff?


leave him alone yo.

It is not for My Brother who is starting to use the Internet.

wth i like yo ! the internet is the world of haven that is the bast ok so your brother know the internet not jujeng but evreyone know the internet