Do you still use IRC networks?

Hello everyone, I have opened a topic for IRC chats, I want to ask you whether you are still using IRC and what programs you are using ? You can talk whatever you want for IRC.
If you don’t know what his acronym is, this is Internet Relay Chat. This is the first chat ever created from 1988 and I still wonder if anyone else is using it.

last time i went on IRC was on gotham in jan 2020.

i do use it
i use HexChat

techincally discord is irc, so yes.

I forgot to tell you I use mIRC Chat and XChat I have no problems with them and am still satisfied with them

technically no

discord is not an irc by itself, it’s stylized to be one, but it’s not

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I’ve been on IRC networks for 25+ years, starting with EFNet. Things have changed a lot though, and although I have a few important people in my life who prefer to use IRC exclusively, most of my IRC client usage is using bitlbee through to other protocols (Discord, Facebook, slack, etc.).

I used mIRC for a long time, even paying for it, but eventually moved to AdiIRC as it is mIRCScript compatible, supports plugins in other languages, is highly customizable and the developer is friendly and attentive to feedback.

I have AdiIRC connected to ZNC, as well as Quassel connected to the ZNC for mobile use. I use Pushover for IRC push notifications.


Hej, sadly, like everything else, most of the users left. I used it the first time about in 1997. By then, there was not much else for chatting, and it was crowded.
Was mainly on #undernet.