Do you guys like ice cream

my computer isnt working maybe if i fed it ice cream it would work thoughts?

is this some sort of arg or?

(in case it is a serious question, don’t put ice cream in your computer)

bro… are u reallly that dumb omg im gonna throw y mac

If they like it, I can’t tell, but I’m sure will remain not working

Jokes aside… I like ice cream, but your computer will be more unrepairable than the current state if you feed it with Ice cream

And very stupid if they donthat

I think the confusion might be that it’s supposed to be the technician that you feed the ice cream to, in order to get them to fix the computer, not directly to the computer itself.

I also recommend cookies, cake, candy, or a combination of all four.

my computer broke down and fucking exploded

you asked 4chan am i right?


I do, especially in summer :stuck_out_tongue: