Do I have to modernize my account?

What’s good, everybody out there! :wave:t6: I’ve already joined Escargot since 2017. Am I good to go or is it still necessary?

What counts as a current Escargot user?

Yes, you have to modernize your account, otherwise it’s gonna be deleted March 20th. If you signed up after January 8th, 2022 you do not need to modernize.

True, man.

Your email address says like it’s bloodsucker lol!

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what am i supposed to do if i signed up using an invalid email?

Authenticate with your current credentials, on the email verification, use a real email.

Watch this if you need help: Modernize your Escargot account - YouTube

now, what if i forgot my password?

You’re screwed, then. That’s why you shouldn’t have made an account with a fake email address in the first place.

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You need to do it unless your address ends with ‘’ otherwise it will get deleted on March 20th, 2022. So yeah you must

I didn’t see a message that asks me to verify my account. :frowning: How do I get to it?

Send me a direct message with your email and I’ll help you.

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I made a mistake. After I tried modernizing my Escargot, it suddenly no longer exists. :frowning:

I got an issue like this. :frowning: Glad I’m probably not the only one with it.

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what i didnt like after doing this, is i now have to sign in with the modernised account it created, takes away from some of the nostalgia.

You’re the first person, out of the 2,000 or so that have modernized, to make this claim, probably because to them it’s more about communicating and having fun than a nostalgia trip. Having said that, I’ve addressed this elsewhere, but I’m not sure if I did on this forum, but after modernization is complete at the end of March, we will bring back email-style logins. There’s just a lot of trash to clear out and other issues.

what i said was just a comment and observation and is based on my experience and how i use this.
if/when its going back to email style that will be great,

will we be able to login with our email addresses again soon? is this still on the cards? :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: :it: