Do any newer verisons of Yahoo! Messenger work with iwarg's yahoo server?

Asking because of 6.0 not being nice to Windows 10. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont know, they only tested that version, i guess you could try, but it would need patching which i dont know how to do
EDIT: i heard that some people reported that 5.x works, but it probably still needs patching (correct me if im wrong, i didnt really use the yahoo server that much)

It’s pretty simple (from what I remember at least).

Could you tell me how (whatever you still remember/know about patching

as far as i know only 5.x and 6.0 work.

Answer, they don’t. 7.0 does not work.

Get windows 8.1 or Linux please

I can’t, I depend on 10 for so much 8.1 isn’t a option, and I do not want to go to linux.

sorry about the bump try dualbooting or using a vm

also i tested 5.0 once on windows 10 and it worked

Okay but that’s not newer.

so? its working yahoo messenger. what else do you need?

It’s going to be released with WLM 2009 support since they’re part of a major server rewrite, so when we take care of everything regarding the release as a whole Yahoo support on Escargot will go live, which I hope goes relatively quickly.

And do you have time estimated when will WLM 2009 be reopened with Y!M ?

Not certain just yet. When we get more things out of the way regarding the release, we’ll probably be able to estimate a release date.