Discord is gone


use telegram noobs

Good riddance of it, finally i can use my IRC and WLM for once properly :smiley:

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or telegram :stuck_out_tongue:

Telegram is OK(Sadly it’s based on QT 5.x a.k.a Electron a.k.a Chromium so not saying it’s the best messaging client) :stuck_out_tongue:

eh… but qt isn’t based on browser engine

It’s a downtime, It’s not shutting down anytime.

But the downtime’s gone, and i gave my Discord tag for no fucking reason at all

who needs discord when you have sitting at home and crying while listening to a malnourished guy playing the acoustic guitar and screaming about anarchy


:smirk: :joy:

Telegram can’t really replace Discord until they add the same features like Discord.

discord is selling your data to advertisers

how to make me scared 101

btw i don’t really care if i pretty much get tracked if it’s for advertising shit, since i have adblock :stuck_out_tongue:

an adblocker won’t help since it sends that without you noticing it

ublock origin

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