Discord banned my account, and I'm laughing at this

It’s funny, that I made my account when there was no need to tell your age, and, another thing that is funny, is the fact that they want the same information that doxxers always want.
And they banned me the same time that I had nitro (my account still has, thanks Discord, i wasted my money)
Is there any chance to avoid this shit?

I’ve heard of people getting unbanned for being erroneously blocked due to the bot or “weird client behaviour” rules, but never anyone being able to bypass being flagged for an “age verification” check.

For myself, when I’ve been asked for these sorts of verification, I give them what they want, but I deliberately edit the picture before sending to blank out any of the identification numbers, document issued location, etc. I’ve never been rejected for doing this.

I think it’s absurd that you’re being asked this as a paid Nitro user, although I would hope your payment option isn’t a credit card in your name (which would be even more ridiculous).


to be serious, that sucks

discord always was an money-sucker machine tbh