[DISCONTINUED] My latest project: Reviving classic ICQ clients - proudly hosted on TReXIoN

After a few days of coding in C#, I finally got a mostly working ICQ server solution that relies on ClientLogin to provide Authorizer services to old ICQ clients and a BOS server for them to connect to, which allows them to login. I was considering either hosting this on a single instance or making it a program that acts as a local proxy, but then @TReKiE offered me hosting from one of his servers to assist me for the time being. I accepted his offer, and now you can hook up older ICQ versions to the server to get them working again. Note that at this time, this server only supports versions 2000 - 2003 and 5.x. However 6.x doesn’t seem to log in with this solution at the moment (it uses channel 0x02 authentication, which I haven’t implemented yet), and 7.x and 8.x use ClientLogin.

Anyways, to connect to this server, here’s the information that you’ll need to connect:

Server: hypersonic.trexion.com
Port: 5190

Afterwards you’re pretty much sold. Have fun, and see you on ICQ. :stuck_out_tongue:


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WOW! THIS IS AMAZING! But I tried to connect to your server with ICQ 2000a and I can’t confirm registration. Server don’t responding. Sorry for my mistakes, if they are, I’m Russian, but I can speak English not bad.(it’s not Google Translate)

Currently, there is no way to register new accounts through this server. All you can do is login with a pre-existing UIN and password. And at this point, I don’t think I can get registration working anyway.

Nice job there, buddy! Aren’t you too busy with coding? Do you even had a long enough break?

Wait, there’s a new server for old versions of ICQ? Nice.

I don’t code too much. And this is one of the other times I get to code outside of Escargot, which is more rigorous than this project.

Does hypersonic.trexion.com support ICQ 2001b? I heard that you wrote that said server only supports versions 2000 - 2002 but you said that you’re not sure about 2003a, 2003b, 5.0 and 5.1.

How do I get that server you said to work?

The server the service is running supports any versions from ICQ 2000 to 2002. I’ll test 2003 and 5.x later.

Cool. Good thing I managed to register a password to my ICQ account. You just gave me a reason to revive my XP VM!

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u can make registration with ini files or mysql server
i can help with desing of site and code on php

yo bro give me some credit i wanted it

Currently, this server uses an abandoned API used for ICQ logins to get the main servers older clients use to access the core of the service, so there are no databases involved with this. If there were, then I probably wouldn’t look to TReKiE for hosting. :stuck_out_tongue:

i publish it in my blog :stuck_out_tongue:


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da my vse eto uzhe ponyali =)

Oh my god, I tried to connect to your server, and I connected with my old UIN!!! This is amazing! Thank you very much!

this is really works, i tested it in qip 2005

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