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Guys Alot Of Things Happend. Darn
How ever The Server’s Are Being Shutted Down By Now Why You Might Ask?
Easy. Escargot Is Getting Close To Release WLM 2009 Second I Don’t Feel Like Hosting One Since alot of people are complaining which i can understand.(Second I Don’t Have Motivation For It) how ever it be shutted down by now i’m gonna move on and focus on some other work I Have A Job Now At A Animation Studio
And i wanna focus more on that because it could help me easily to get me a new pc second i do need one since my server was hosted on a INTEL HD PC with 8gb ram and i got hosted on wifi. which is odd but okay. anyway i wanna thank the people that were in the SxSuri Messenger Community Like Really Thank you thank you.
***But it’s time to say goodbye. I’m gonna focus on more stuff such as my youtube channel and of course my Animation Career. ***
To Put Hosts Back To Normal Please Check This Link
For Removing Certificate Please Check
And For Not Atleast Removing WLM 2009(Removing Can Be Struggling but luckly it’s easy to fix)
Use This Link
If it does not Work Let Me Know!
***The Discord Server Will Still Be Active If You Have Any Questions Feel Free to Join!(But please be nice and don’t harras me cause like i said i understand the frustration. https://discord.gg/UHkFBjXRrE) ***
Have All A Good Day!
And Stay Safe! :slight_smile:


didn’t know that intel integrated graphics made computers

also sxcheese lol!

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They Actually did
in cpu’s there are sometimes graphics in it.

what, are you having a stroke


RIP. 2020-2020


actually it’s good that it died because the nostalgia bait is gone and people wont have to break parts of their system.


that’s correct that’s why i wanna shut it down.

actually september/october

And this way we can wait for the real WLM 2009 support rather than this stuff.

And don’t open it again.


i won’t. if it will it be private for my self xD

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Good, that’s all what i wanted to hear, considering that most of the replies in that topic are just “iT DoEsN’T WoRK DeSPiTE FoLLoWiNG iT CoRReCTLY!!!1!!1!” “I GiVE UP…” (Believe it or not, but that’s what i really see everytime i view such topics like this), so yeah, keep it closed forever and everything will be fine. :slight_smile:

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i didn’t even know about this

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Fuck if its dead
At least use the goddamn coffin dance

Intel manufactured motherboards.

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I’m aware of these, hell I even have one.

imagine if amd made one

imagine imagine