Disconnections from picture sharing


Recently I encountered the all-contacts-offline bug which I resolved by clearing the contacts folder, but then after that I got a lot of constant disconnections.

Now it seems as soon as I try to share an image or the client appears to try to retrieve content, it results in a disconnection from the service. What’s up with this one now?


it might be a problem because of the contact offline bug. did you try this method for reseting the contacts?


Is that the method that involves deleting all data and deleting all contacts?


if you have upgraded from 2009 back up first your folder which its named your-email first at the AppData and then follow the guide.


Can you point me to which guide you mean exactly?
The one described here?

The problem with this is that I cannot possibly delete every single contact and re-add them.
I also tested deleting only the messenger cache folder in temp, but that results in continuous disconnections when it appears to be trying to retrieve things.


if you cant delete them from messenger or butterfly messenger

delete them via outlook.com and wait 24 hours and then readd with butterfly messenger


What I mean is how utterly impractical it is to delete and re-add hundreds of contacts who I might not be able to coordinate with to re-add.

Deleting and re-adding all contacts is definitely not a straightforward solution in my case.


contact with jonathan kay @TReKiE to help you. i mean send him a message

and be patient he will answer