Did someone say WLM 14?


Nope, just a webclient passing by being a troll.

For reference, the command is CVR [messageId] 0x0409 winnt 5.1 i386 MSNMSGR 14.0.8089.0726 msmsgs.

Wat rant rant war war
Huh? WLM 15 is being patched? and if so, where is WLM 14?
Still with the WLM 15 troll login thing

Yup. Knew it.

By the way are you Chinese or do you have to suffer with your computer’s default UI language? (I noticed in the first image with the WYSIWIG HTML IDE’s chinese context menu)


I just read the “confidential” issue #58…

You think this is some big joke, tricking people into thinking that the dev team isn’t hard at work getting WLM 2009 to work, but instead, a troll. Why couldn’t you be transparent with us and say that the WLM 14.x stats were from debugging? Scummy, if you ask me. :disappointed:

I guess I was right the first time when I said that the WLM 14 stats were from testing.


It was for a meme at one point. I’m Chinese-American so I do understand it so I just don’t bother changing it. Plus it keeps people away from touching my computer.

By the way, that’s not WYSIWYG :eye:





:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:




Well, this isn’t actually a bad thing… you are developing a with client for escargot, right?


I suppose so! But uh… hue


web client



Oh. So you’re Chinese-American? I guess I got some fun facts sent my way.

And yeah sorry just realized the IDE was Visual Studio Code. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Are these the WLM 2009 projects? it will take a long time to leave




Hey. So, I read one of the GitLab issues, and… I’ll just quote an edit from my first reply:




I’m sorry, but I don’t like these intentions. The evidence in that GitLab issue doesn’t lie. :disappointed:


The thing is… I actually was identifying as WLM 14 with my web client. That’s the thing…

But it seems that development has stalled for both support and for the web client (which is actually MSNP8).


That’s not the point.

In that GitLab issue, you and Tristan were talking back and forth about hiding the fact that WLM 2009 support WAS being worked on. You stated that you were trying to convince everyone on the forum that it’s you playing with the CVR command, with Tristan basically applauding the fact that this progress was hidden because he hates most of the “annoying kids” on this forum. I fell for this at first, but after reading that GitLab issue, I felt lied to.

Maybe that web client isn’t part of a ruse, but I’m not so sure about that. :confused:


I actually did work on a web client. And it really did identify as WLM 14.

None of it is a joke, see the last picture in the OP.


Well, nice to hear that the web client isn’t part of a complete cover-up.

As for the identification stuff, I know that the webclient was a troll. I just felt that not being transparent about what was actually going on behind the scenes in terms of WLM 2009 was scummy on its own. You could’ve just stated that WLM 2009 support was being worked on :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s because we essentially knew that there would be stalling and it’s stupid to hype something up that doesn’t have an exact release date.

also reeeeee the forum is complaining about the replying