Dial Up works with MSN escargot

It’s true, 56kbps works with msn escargot.

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Thats pretty interesting actually XD

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Lolza yeah.

Not exactly a groundbreaking revelation, but nice to hear regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It shows how good of a service you guys run, allowing anyone with a internet connection talk with friends and family. Even if you still use dial up you can essentially talk to anyone on the service.

Thank the protocol itself for being lightweight and not bloated to the brim like with most modern “protocols” today (mainly JSON and misc. data being sent over HTTP).

Alot of modern messengers focus on better quality and more in the performance areas instead of connectability of slower users.
(Discord, Messenger, ETC)
Alot of people still are subscribed to dial up (around 2.1 million)

Nice to hear that! I don’t think there’s any dial-up services anymore in Italy though… Maybe there is, maybe i’m just stupid to just realize it’s basically the thing I plug in everyday to get the ADSL working…

Ok but… Nice.


There is some in America but long distance calls exist and they usually put a 50 dollar fine on your phone bill for every 10 minutes, so yeah.

fuck that, i want my 100 mps wifi for $60 a month

That’s why local calls exist, to prevent your money being burned.

ciao sono italiano, ci sono dial up attivi tranquillo :wink:
hello im italian too there are still some dial up services still up :wink: