Deviantart is one of the most websites i've ever been to

ok so like, yesterday I went to Deviant Art, and o h b o y it’s weird. I’m not saying it has bad art, there’s just some weird content, so I guess tell me your opinions about it in Reply Section I guess, lolza.

i have a acc on deviantart where i used to post my doodles but i stopped using it because it’s full of weirdos, personally i don’t really think it’s a really a good place to post ur art anymore

I really really like the history of DA, and there’s tons of really really great artists I’ve met through it, but yeah… some of the stuff there is a little :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Okay, let me tell my story.
Everytime I’m visiting DeviantArt homepage, and what’s there?
So crap. I just bookmark my DA watchlist to prevent me seeing nsfw’s anymore :face_with_head_bandage: or DerpiBooru (for tons of Pony-only arts)

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DeviantArt: Where vanilla NSFW is an unforgivable crime against humanity and even requires you to make an account to view it, but diaper transformation scat vore inflation is perfectly A-OK for everyone to see and shove into the search results for your favorite character.


Now to download shit you have to make an account. The only use for the site for me was to download Windows themes, now I can’t find them due to the new layout getting rid of the old categories.

TF is probably one of the worst type of stuff on DeviantArt Me and my friends had no clue what “TF” meant the other day so when we searched it into the search bar, we we’re greeted with d i s t u r b i n g content.

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Everyone: dEvIaNtaRt iS dIsTurBiNg!!

Me: Oh, you’ve only seen the tutorial. THE REAL Suff you’ll never be able to touch

Like seriously! I’ve seen some “random” links on some artist’s posts, so i figured i would see what this side is…
and let’s say… from there is where i lost my innocence forever

yeah… I ended up touching furaffinity and saw alot of feet porn from this artist that i thought had innocnece

Furaffinity allows you to filter the results, so you can easily make those NSFW/Fetish results stop appearing

It’s not all disturbing B), it’s just most of the content can be weird at times.

if DA’s shit is weird to y’all i fear your thoughts on [REDACTED]

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yes i totally fear [REDACTED] even though i have no clue what you’re talking about B)

rule 34?


maybe that’s what appledoo meant by redacting it.