Developing a New Messenger Plus! Script - "ContactStatusChange"


First time I’m ever doing this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’m continuing a script I’ve laid off for finding out that what I had been accomplishing was already in Messenger Plus! itself in the form of specific event notifications. But after some experience with it and some extra thought, I’m continuing this script.

So basically, the script will store all your contacts in memory and detect their status change, which will trigger a toast notifying the end user about the change, unless the person was offline beforehand and just came online or if they’re blocked.

How its different than Messenger Plus!'s status event notifications is not only the two criteria mentioned, but also functionality to disable the toasts if Messenger is locked and that ALL contact status changes will be kept tracked of with no option to check specific people to track.

I am still fleshing out the script’s functionality and its internals, so it should take a while for it to come out.

Yours truly,
~ OhHelloThereImTheGuy/assholishkirk :slight_smile:


this is a cool idea