Developers: Please support an official Pidgin-escargot module

The msn-pecan module is working for Pidgin. But it required modifications and it is not at all stable. I think that it is time that the developers of Escargot absorb the msn-pecan module for Pidgin, rename it pidgin-escargot.

This module is not very stable, and needs to mature more.

I think that Escargot should do something Microsoft never would: Support Linux users having access. A Pidgin Escargot module should be well maintained, support all of Escargot’s features, be stable, and support things like Image and File Transfer.

thats… why wine exists

There is this thing, which adds WLM support to pidgin, but you have to compile it.

I am using both of those things. Only the Pidgin module on github is viable, and really works but it’s not really stable and needs to be improved.

There’s a difference between emulating something for Linux and running something native to Linux. Wine isn’t exactly native to Linux when it comes to running applications on it…

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Furthermore, you may not realize this. A Purple moudulefor Pidgin can also be used to service Android users with Spectrum 2, or MS-DOS users with bitlbee.