Death's Life: a service for MSN fans


Well, me and @yellows111 did make a special program in the past days.
We are in alpha tests, @CompUser did test our programs, but he will not receive alpha upgrades anymore…

We need testers.
Yes, testers.
Are you so good to test a program?

Well, then, comment down here!

Also, the sneak peeks!
(we have a working username and password system into the program)

We will show more sneak peeks if you will love it.
So, as i said, if you comment down and you don’t insist,
you will have an opportunity to test the program!

Also, the L0g In… button contains a secret (valtrooooooon…)


EDIT 1: We developed an anti-using older versions.
People who had the R3, at example, will receive a odd checkservice, chat and news.
It will make the program unusable.


lemme t3st dis sheet


i can test compatibility for win xp


@Jarhead_Gamer38 @Deathlife23 @yellows111 I use Windows XP in my main computer, so i can test it on Windows XP Pro SP3! :smiley:


i can test on windows 2000 and windows 98


Hi! I’d like to test that. Windows10 msn 7.5


All of you, you can have a copy of the program. Please add in PM time and i will give you the download


Still waiting for the adds.


what does chat do


I think you added me.


why did you delete the message? yes, you can test
just add


do you have a MSN account?
if yes, please add me for beta testing.


i only have mobile


I want to test this!!


ROFL, no source code for you, fo sho.
Also, this project may continue, i will probably start reworking on it l8r


QUICK CORRECTION: I edited it, so means I wanna try that. I am online…


What is your MSN? Send me it.





I didn’t see you be online.