Deathlife23 won't shut up about a certain person's server


yo why’d you ddelete that it was funny yo


Guess what, guys?

Deathlife23 is STILL trying to get people convinced by actually using @WindowsXPCat2008’s words against him! WindowsXPCat2008 admits that he used Ashley’s MSN Server + A-Patch for CatMessenger

Can he just get a grip already? :unamused:


god this is so fucking beautiful.


I bet the twat will never get a grip tbh

(Yes, Death, I know you’re probably reading this on Slack; I could give less of a fuck)


He is like the Keemstar of MessengerGeek.


There was no need to revive this topic.


topic’s closed!

rant rant war war


This was a good while ago, so why bother to comment on this anyway?

Also, Keemstar has done much worse things than bicker about a kid using someone’s open-source software. :stuck_out_tongue: