Deathlife got "unbanned" like



I know the same thing happened with Leo, he can watch but he can’t speak, but eh that’s more of a mute


It makes no sense that he can’t post if he got unbanned.


Eh, I mean, he got unbanned, but since he did drama shit and was generally a mild nuisance as thought by most people, he gets muted afterwards idk same thing happened to Leo


What a pity. Now we can’t see if he changed of not.


Trekie said he’s willing to review the TOS with him, and considering he was banned for less than a month I mildly doubt he’s changed


he told me to kill myself

deathlife23 diz:
Yes i got retardness
deathlife23 diz:
now kill yourself
deathlife23 diz:
sorry i throught you were sswag
deathlife23 diz:
Eh, eh, eh? diz:
what the fuck
deathlife23 diz:
btw kill yourself


Fuckin what.


Make sure @Deathlife23 is on the perma-ban list. :expressionless: