Custom Windows 98 Mod I've been working on

Here’s a custom fanmade OS mod I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s called Windows X9 and it was insipred by Rootbeerblue45’s Windows XP 9x Kernel Edition (idk where Rootbeerblue is now but he’s been inactive since 2010). It is based off Windows 98 SE but with XP and Vista icons. What other programs should I add to it? Comment down and I’ll add them! (KernelEx is already added btw)

Inspired by this video: Windows Code Name Tiger Beta 1 (Windows XP 9x Kernel Edition) - YouTube

P.S, my birthday is in 6 days, so wish me a happy 17th birthday on May 31st!


Ayy, sounds like a neat project!

i think the xp icon and vista icon idea is a bit cursed i would stick with vista icons

Oh, what a good idea make windows 7 classic style on 98! :slight_smile: Good luck for this project :slight_smile:

if you could do icon make a icon of me.

What do you mean though?

And Happy Birthday for you, @A-ManWare :slight_smile: :cake:


:open_mouth: thats really cool!!!