Custom Emoticons

Hi! I had a hard time finding some of the custom emoticons I used to have, particularly those made to have a similar look to the default set. I remember we used to make backups of all extracted custom emoticons. I wish some of those backups would surface! triste_2

Ok so here are the ones I could find:
angry_unabrow angrynerd anime-peace cool chin cry_smile1 D embarassed
grin_unabrow happy_3 headphones_2 ilm17 ilm18 ilm19 ilm20
ilm22 ilm23 ilm24 ilm28 ilm30 ilm34 ilm35
ilm36 ilm39 ilm40 ilm41 ilm42 lolv2 msn-emoticon-01 msn-emoticon-02
msn-emoticon-03 NEWPNG omg slick ss
triste_2 Untitled-2 whatsthat xD1

Please post your collections! anime-peace

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