Custom emoticons in groups


Hello. So my friends and I revived MSN yesterday, and we stumbled across this problem with custom emoticons in group chat. We can see our own customs, but when we send them to the others, we can’t see each others custom emoticons. This only happens in group chats, when there are more than 3 people in it i guess (in private chats custom emoticons work just fine), and we are like a group of 6 so, if there is any solution to this problem, I would really appreciate if you could help us out :smile: Thanks in advance


Not a solution, I’m afraid, but I was wondering how you managed to have group chats in the revived MSN? With my group of friends the “Invite to group chat” button has vanished, and is grayed out in the toolbar menu :open_mouth:


How do a group chat if that feature was shutdown in June?


To be honest I don’t really know, but we just revived MSN 4 days ago, and I found that there actually is an option to create a group XD. After that I came here and saw that “group chats are disabled” so I am not sure how do we actually have that option. True, they are a bit bugged when it comes to invitations but they work for us somehow. There is 6 of us in a group, and yet we create more groups to try and find a solution for custom emoticons but unfortunately it seems that can’t be done. Maybe because group chats are “unavailable” now.


I think the confusion is that there’s two different types of groups in Messenger as of version 2009 – the temporary groups and the persistent groups.

The temporary groups are created by opening a conversation window to one person, choosing Invite and then choosing the contacts you want to join. When they were working, these groups expired after some inactivity and then you had to make them again. These groups are the ones that no longer work as the invites are no longer received.

The persistent groups are created by opening the main contact list, pressing the Alt key on the keyboard to open the menubar, choosing the Contacts menu, then Create a group. These groups do not expire and also have OneDrive shared space (although this latter feature is being discontinued on October 16). However, the persistent groups were long marked as broken on the status page because messages weren’t consistently being delivered, particularly between Messenger versions (2009 vs 2012). After a bit of testing, it seems that they are in fact working again, I would guess from the changes that broke 2009 from working. If anyone has any time to test the persistent groups now, I would be interested in knowing if it’s also working again for others other than myself and @Slavisa_Filipovic.

That said, I haven’t had time yet to make a larger group, but in a small one, all custom emoticons worked. As a possible workaround though, if you were to send the custom emoticon outside the group as a normal message and then send it to the group afterwards, Messenger should cache the emoticon on the client and hopefully display it correctly.


well, I didn’t know you could do that on msn xD, so I tested and I could do it with the contacts they had wlm2012, however msn contacts with butterfly can’t be added and sends the following issue msnbutterflyerror


My friends and I just tried to create a group via the persistent group method mentioned above, but after I create the group and send invite we’re not quite sure what’s meant to happen, since none of them received any sort of invite alerts or anything. Is something not happening which should, or are we missing something else?


I would try again with a new group if they never arrived. At present, Messenger’s invitations inconsistently arrive at times.

When it’s working right, you should get a pop-up window with the group invitation request. I’ll note that occasionally these invitation windows appear end up in the background and you have to bring them up yourself using Messenger’s taskbar button.