Currently need some help reguarding signing in

If I remember correctly, this problem is specific to XP and password boxes, so you’d be better off upgrading to Vista or 7.

Wait, really? Is there a way to fix this? o_O

Ah yes, wasting MORE space on my MacBook’s hard drive more than ever. I can’t upgrade to 7 since of course, why? (c’mon, windows XP has good themes, and at least it doesn’t have Media Player 11 attached to you like a headcrab with no way of removing it. Plus, where is the no Anti-Alias texts? No where, obviously) Vista? Eh…I feel like not touching the broken OS territory. Not to be rude, but I just wanna stick with Windows XP

I’d suggest either downgrading or upgrading MSN first before jumping the gun, and see if that fixes the issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that doesn’t work, so it’s flawed. So what? The Escargot MSN team is gonna dump Windows XP because of this glitch?? If so, I’d vote no, and why? Well why leave a OS that hasn’t been supported, but is better than 10 due to everything wrong with 10, that XP never had in the first place? (I highly doubt people have experienced this glitch before me)

LOL no. I would, however, say that changing your password to be 8 characters or less would be the best thing to do here considering your situation. You may have to memorize a new password now, but if it works, it’ll be worth it. :slight_smile:

Well, here’s the problem, MY Escargot MSN mail is different than my standard hotmail. So how the heck would I reset my password? lol

Well, since the fake e-mail is technically a Hotmail address, you could go in and register a new one so that you can follow the standard password reset procedures. Else, you’re out of luck. :confused:

This is why I always advise to stay away from using non-existent emails for Escargot use, because when you want to reset your password or do anything else that involves e-mails, actual e-mail addresses would come in handy. However, you’re a special case, as you can actually make that address real, unlike others who have used fake addresses ending in,, and the like, so you can fix this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try @TReKiE’s method, OP.

What method is that??

Using Messenger with Escargot on Windows XP, and avoiding the 80048821 error Here

Now that I’ve re-read the thread, it isn’t just MSN 7.5 slicing his password into 8 characters. Of course, he’d have to update the root certificates before getting to login under MSN 5.0+.

Maybe this to?

this one dont work >.>


idk :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. everyone will be offline , 2. it will stop working sending you a error about the contact list

Its not related to wlm im relating it to the roots cert :confused:

ya know , putting facepalm just because someone understand something wrong inst making you cool