Critical Security Updates for XP After Support End

I have the habit of leaving the systems I use fully up to date and I’m using non-POSReady XP and I’m looking for critical updates that were released for XP after their support ended in 2014. I’ve found 3:

KB4012598 - “WannaCrypt” patch (12/05/17)
KB2964358 - IE8 security update (05/01/14)
KB4500331 - “BlueKeep” patch (05/29/19)

Do you know any more non-POSReady XP KB released after the end of your support?

i think this update was released on windows vista too

There may be more, but you would have to pay for them , i don’t see any reason too, because POSReady 2009 updates exist =P

I’m just researching the critical security updates that were reported in the media (and free =P ) for XP after their support ends. Like I said, I already found 3 of them and wanted to know if there are any more. I know POSReady brings a lot of new updates, but my XP is Pro and I prefer to keep it as it is officially.

i understand :stuck_out_tongue:
(Keep in mind POSReady 2009 is based of Windows XP Professional SP3 and updates surprisingly work on Home and other editions from what i heard)

So I need to research and know which critical security updates for POSReady work on XP Pro and download them from the Microsoft catalog, right?

all of POSReady 2009 updates released after XP’s EoS (e.g 2014 May until 2019 May(EoS)) work =P
And there is a registry string to enable those updates on Windows/Microsoft Update =P

I got what I wanted! I went in the catalog, searched for “XP security updates” and he gave me all the updates listed by date. I’ll check it out one by one, but I don’t think they’re specific to POSReady.

For now I will stick to critical updates for non-POSReady XP and by the catalog I have installed 6 more that were released after official support has ended and which are not installable by Windows Update or Micosoft Update. Now I go after updates for IE 8.

There is no more update for IE8, the last one I already installed.