Creu The Cat Emotes!

Ever heard of Creu? Its actually a cute cartoon cat thats white. And his name is Creu.

So i decided to make emotes for his tribute, his website just gave up and its been stuck on the Work in progress page for a while so rest in Friskies, Creu.

RIF - Creu
2006 - 2012 (i think)

Creu Emotes!.zip (78.9 KB)

Have fun with my first emote pack. (theres only 4 qwq)

that icon and name tho

try testing it!

sadcreu coolcreu laughingcreu sillycreu

oh wait too big

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how do i install?

you bumped. also to add these you need to add as custom emotes in messenger.

and how do i do that?

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thank you

always happy to help :slight_smile:

still exists but the internet is no longer the same for it