Create Escargot guides and other video goodies?

I am just curious about something I have been trying to do
recently: Trying to create Escargot/MSN-2001 like videos
for people to get started, however, I still have some problems:

1] I do not want to use my voice.
2] TTS is perhaps an idea, but eh to me.
3] I want to recreate new assets that resembles the MSN 2001
vibe, although that might be complicated.
4] I already have sound effects, but I would need
background music that fits.
5] Would it be useful, or just another abandonned idea?

I am just curious about what people think of that idea.
So yeah! Have a good day y’all :stuck_out_tongue:

1] Oh really?
4] , maybe?
5] Yes, it is :wink:

I think it’s a good idea. but don’t use tts. that would ruin it.

Yeah, that would make the comment section be filled with “OH FUCK THE INDIA SCAM SITE ROBOT IS SPEAKING” if you use the default Windows 10/8.1 voices, if you go back to using early-SAPI5 (Vista/XP-era, for example Anna and Sam, respectively) or SAPI4, well, expect your comment section to be somewhat filled with the TTS community.

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I don’t see the problem, the TTS voices has nice pronunciation and sounds kinda nice (very Robotic, but eh), who gives a shit if some people will comment about the TTS in the comment section? At this point it’s nothing about the TTS voices themselves

I honestly wouldn’t care if I heard your voice, but tts would be kinda weird and then you would attract the TTS Community

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Alright, I have decided not to include any voice at all.
But should I give a certain vibe to the video? A light VHS effect to give a 2001 aesthetic? Or an HD video, that would look modern?

I’m tempted to do a VHS look.
But I’m not the leader of Escargot, the community, and the devs are.

Also here.

Yeah, I used Wii soundtracks, but that’s not going to be it,
I’ve got other sound effects in my library.

Tbh i would say go to a HD video

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XP sample music protected by copyright? Something like that I think. At least something of the time

The Windows XP Installation music? To me it is overused.
I will probably find a music that people don’t
know at first, as I honestly think Windows XP music has been
overused along the years.

I do enjoy the music itself, but eh, in an Escargot video? Not sure.
I mean, if people want to, then why not! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not the installation music. it’s one that was in a folder with the name “sample music”

Use MSN explorer sounds


I’ll try to make the video as fast-paced as possible,
as I really try to avoid slow videos.
I will put a disclaimer that the video may need to be paused
to be able to read certain parts, does that sound fair?


very fair.

why not use the music from the xp tour (and maybe even the tour beta)

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