Create a small private MSN server


Hello to all.
I saw that source code and snail available, so I wanted to try to make my own server deprive MSN. Only for that. I would have liked to find out how to change the lines as well as in msmsgr.exe of MSN 7.5
Ps: I searched with resource hack these lines but I did not find anything.

Is it possible to have more pressure on the snail server on what type of server it works? On which port?
A basic lamp server is enough?
Thank you.


The source code contains everything. No need for LAMP. You just need Python to make the server work.

For the patching, use this tool:


Thank you for your reply Tristanleboss. I will test this tool to change the links of msnmsg.exe and I will keep you up to date.
However when you say "You just need Python for the server to work. "Concretely how to mount the server?

Thank you.


The doc is here:


Ah yes thank you I will be able to follow tuto. On the other hand you know how to add a user on our server deprive?

thank you


The code for the website is here:

You will have to understand it to extract the code needed to add an user.

Your entry point is the create_user function from: