Craftplacer's Messenger Suite

yeah, you’re right :cat2:

It’s not too bad of an idea but MsgrPlus is somehow limited, and it’s for me easier to code something with C# and Windows Forms instead of trying to find work arounds to get system level things working in Messenger.

So, after months, I think I’ll do another version of the program. But this time to make more nicer, let’s do a setup program. Should I make one?

  • Release next version as an installer
  • Release next version as ZIP archive

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Release 1.5.2

Have fun all setup.exe (873.1 KB)

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I don’t like the ideas of installers for software that does not mess with the registry.

what do you mean?

I’d honestly prefer a .zip release to an installer for software like this, especially since I don’t like making program groups for tiny pieces of software.

well I tried to make the installer as not as trash as possible
so only “Suite > [All the apps]”

I’d still prefer to have an option to not make a Start Menu folder in the installer, though.

I can add it in the next release :wink:

i suggest an option to… custom winks!

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Contains internal and external overhaul of Messenger Activity Monitor, as well as fixing bugs.

1: forgot to increment the version number wth

setup.exe (888.6 KB)

If the new version complains about a missing method, reinstall the application.

On installation of the new version it can be that your previous entries have been set to (do nothing). You’ll have to set them manually back to “Change my status”


Also, I consider to discontinue MVS (Version Switcher) since I don’t feel like to develop it any further or give support for it.

Should I discontinue MVS?

  • Yes
  • No

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… another poll :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Delete/remove MVS completely
  • Just discontinue but still include it in the thread and installer.

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what was version switcher btw?

Backup and restore program for Msgr when you want to switch versions

was really helpful on sideloading 7.5 and 8.5

(oh god i just bumped this 20day old thread gr)

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(sorry for the bump) Is this discontinued?


I mean I’m not actively working on it anymore, PCL is probably not going to maintained anymore (though the service is still live).

I probably only will work on things that are bugs.

If anyone has interest, they can be maintainer of these projects, or work with me. requirement obviously being they can code in C#

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