(CORRECTED) Apology from MaxTanner724

As a fan of old technology and the old internet, this is an apology for the Classic AOL Community and Others, for days i’ve been obsessed with that stupid THX Sound System for days and i didn’t even stop and i didn’t stop doing stupid things like being obsessed with other thing like DivX, and other stuffs and for that i am extremely sorry for the damages i done. I’ve been working so hard to make the comunnity grow and especially my favorite work, the promo i did for Escargot and NINA, and even i was planning to support you guys for hard work. I would like to apologive Everyone in this server for repeating the same thing over an over again which was unacceptable and now i’ve changed. i would like to apologize everyone especially the developers on the Escargot NINA Server. I understand that my behavior was unnaceptable and i annoyed plenty of people with my THX Thing i had freinships with. i really want to be part of the Comunnity again and my behavoir has changed. I really enjoyed being part of this community especially that promo i made in FCPX for making the community great. i am extremely sorry. i understand that apology and i would like to be unbanned from the escargot NINA Server and i swear to god noting like that will happen in this server.

Have a Great Life, Darson Aculetti#1275

:man_shrugging: it did happen and alot