Coolest video on MessengerGeek evar! TREKiE MUST SEE

Yay it still here

Ngl I just didn’t expected for this to be THAT active, wow

Looks like the TREKiE’s birthday will be remembered for a long time xD

So one of the good summaries that I could do for the next time I decide to do it, is;

  • Create a video with the date-accurate content inside
  • Make it so the text isn’t rushed (but kinda the opposite)
  • Not being 3 hours making a 1 minute video (managing the time)
  • Making a bit less ironic ig (maybe it was a good amount but yknow)
  • Have a decent recorder (because I was using ShareX which isn’t a screen recorder for games for example)
  • Have a better way to transfer files on the VM

I’ll save this for personal reasons but no idea when I’ll do that again

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Keep the spelling mistakes it was stupidly funny that way

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Sounds like you used one of the Super Mario RPG songs as the BGM

You’re Super right

Achievement completed! First Soundtrack sound found!
Super Mario RPG - Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure

i dare you to make one of me.

Give me your birthday date and timezone

25 august 2003 and time zone is CET

Alright! I will make the content and I’ll schedule to the said date

Hope you will like it


haha okay!

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cant wait to see it!

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what about mines too, at 24 may

aand mine at july 3

Well, so there will be the last two ones to be added which will be yours, or else it might be requested more than 10 times, so yeah

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i love it

Alr which theme or style would it be