Cool cameras

So I was at my grandfathers house and my aunt gave me some cameras. not old, but still cool.

edit: these arent old at all, sorry if i may have made you angry.

I don’t have the same model but I have a Samsung Digital Camera too

Also, nice Sony one you got there

man this shit isn’t old wtf you mean
i bet you’re a kid so its “old” for you but seriously thats 2 digital cameras, that is modern, not recent but theyre not old, ive seen people calling them vintage lmao
im still using a sony cybershot i have since i was 12 because the quality is too good
the dslr one looks new too
i dont get it

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They don’t look that old, especially the Sony one.
Still neat tho.
Also, what’s up with the image quality…

i dont know how old they are, why so aggressive?

well i just found the date when these cameras were in existence, and yeah, you guys are right. sorry if i may have angered you.

Nah, that’s okay

Maybe the Sony one that is the most modern one out of these, but they’re still good quality cameras AFAIK, specially the Sony one

when? if they date from when windows xp was still relevant yeah, it’s old