Contacts of Sonic Fans!


Blue hedgehog fans, this post is for Sonic fans adding Sonic fans! put here your Emails, my Email is: i talk English and Spanish :wink:

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i like mario RIP


If you like Mario, why you post here? is your opinion but this is a Sonic thread, is not really necessary :smile:


lol i don t really like mario either lmao im more about racing games

ps. OLD ONES (1997 - 2010)



s o n i c a d v e n t u r e 2 i s a g o o d g a m e .

(i don’t know why i am a part of this thread…)

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Add me:
Language: En/Es
Age: ** (top secret :v)
Favorite Sonic Games. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure (All versions) and Sonic Mania


s o n i c a d v e n t u r e D X i s b e t t e r

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Feel free to add me as well, new to the revival project but-

Always happy to know more Sonic Fans if any are still active in here.

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haha yes
telegram: @saddyteirusu