Contact list disappeared

Hey Jonathan, my contact list became empty in april 18, is it happening with other people as well because of some server side problem? Will it get back to normal on its own? Or can you please help me to solve it. Thanks!

Totally empty? Did you have a lot of contacts? Can you see if your contact list is still available on the Skype web application at It’s in the top corner:

There is a server problem right now with the odd contact (including those on Skype) disappearing, but it shouldn’t be affecting the entire list.


Hi. I have the same problem.
My contact list disappeared in the MSN program on both my computers (one on Vista and one on Win10) around the same date. Maybe later end of April, I’m not sure.
I just used the last update (.52) and it didn’t help.
My contacts are on the web application. I had like 20 contacts and they’re all in the list called WindowsLive Contacts on the web app. Maybe they changed something?
When a contact talk tome it says that they are offline. When I try to add a new contact it just doesn’t work. It finds the contact offline and does nothing I can’t add them.
I hope you’ll be able to do something about it.

Anyway, thank you for your help and all the good work!
You’re a savior to have make it work until now :smiley:

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log in from butterfly messenger

and if its shown there all the contacts, respond back

Seems my contact list is empty in Skypeweb (as suggested by Jonathan) by checking in the same Icon, there is just Echo / Sound Test service. But I can still start offline conversations with my older contacts. Please help. I tried waiting some time to see if it fixed by itself but then Microsoft closed Messenger, but I still want to talk to my contacts via Skypeweb or whatever that is left.

Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. Unless any of your older contacts created a Skype, you’re either going to have to convince them to use Skype or Escargot (the private Messenger server that supports Messenger versions 1.0-8.5), or if all else fails, well bummer. :disappointed:

After messing around with some buttons at Outlook site, seems my contacts are back. Finally solved. Sad that Microsoft decided to shut down WLM tough. I hope they can add all the good features that MSN had to Skype one day, like Nudges, Custom Emoticons, Winks. They should have done it already. We should start some sort of public petition for this. If they listened to users then Skype could be as epic as MSN was.

Well, that’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

As for getting Messenger back, Microsoft would most likely not listen. As a company, they need to keep profits afloat, and they’ll do even the most stupidest things to keep those profits at a stable rate. So I wouldn’t count on petitioning for Messenger’s comeback.

But in the meanwhile, as I stated before, someone by the name of @valtron has created a replacement Messenger server called Escargot ( It supports Messenger versions from 1.0 to 8.5, currently, although he does plan to support up to WLM 2012. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your old Messenger contacts onto the server, so you’ll have to start fresh. There are download links on the website for the supported Messenger clients. Unpatched versions so you can patch the necessary files for yourself to connect to Escargot, and patched versions so you can just start using Messenger again. Have fun! :smiley:

(And if you’re interested, we do plan to support Yahoo! Messenger clients soon. :wink:)