Considering Yahoo! Chat Implementation on Escargot


After tweaking XML code that Yahoo! Messenger uses to load Yahoo! Chat categories, I don’t think leaving it just to satisfy Yahoo! would be a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually considering this beforehand, and I honestly wanted to implement Yahoo! Chat sooner, and now that I’ve got the categories functioning, I’m planning to implement Yahoo! Chat onto Escargot (after @valtron finalizes the Yahoo! frontend and publishes it)! :smile:

However, the only thing that’s getting in the way is the very little amount of archived XMLs for the rooms held within the chat categories. In fact, there are only 2 of these chat categories’ rooms archived (Rooms in “Cultures & Community -> Groups -> Teens” and an “Adult Chat” category that I can’t seem to locate in the XML).

As for user-created rooms, I don’t plan to implement them for the sole purpose of keeping things consistent with Yahoo! Messenger versions (FYI, the option to create/access them were removed around 2005). :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, see ya! :slight_smile: