Considering Yahoo! Chat Implementation on Escargot

After tweaking XML code that Yahoo! Messenger uses to load Yahoo! Chat categories, I don’t think leaving it just to satisfy Yahoo! would be a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually considering this beforehand, and I honestly wanted to implement Yahoo! Chat sooner, and now that I’ve got the categories functioning, I’m planning to implement Yahoo! Chat onto Escargot (after @valtron finalizes the Yahoo! frontend and publishes it)! :smile:

However, the only thing that’s getting in the way is the very little amount of archived XMLs for the rooms held within the chat categories. In fact, there are only 2 of these chat categories’ rooms archived (Rooms in “Cultures & Community → Groups → Teens” and an “Adult Chat” category that I can’t seem to locate in the XML).

As for user-created rooms, I don’t plan to implement them for the sole purpose of keeping things consistent with Yahoo! Messenger versions (FYI, the option to create/access them were removed around 2005). :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, see ya! :slight_smile:


After months of neglect on the Yahoo! side of things, I’ve been thinking of giving Escargot a chatroom system that utilizes predefined chat sessions and serves them for a wide audience. Basically, they’re just glorified chatrooms, and I’m planning for them to be hosted on frontends independent and dependent of messaging services. One of the frontends I was considering implementing this chat system in is Yahoo! Messenger’s Yahoo! Chat feature, since it already has a set of chatroom-specific services that can be used to interface with the chats. Note that these chats won’t host any of Yahoo! Chat’s original chat categories or rooms, and that these will all be custom and brand new. This makes more sense considering other frontends will potentially be accessing these chats, and making them specific to Yahoo! Chat wouldn’t fit with Escargot’s new goal of using a common core as a base for different interfaces. Regardless, I hope to update everyone with these endeavors soon. :smiley: