Connection Error (Games For Windows - LIVE)

why is no internet connection
i download Games For Windows - LIVE but its not Games For windows Marketplace. i realize that i Got Error Message. Can’t start the program. there may be a problem with your internet connection or the LIVE Service.

Open Internet Explorer and try to open a web page. if you can’t, contact your internet Service Provider (ISP). If you can browse the internet, you can find more help in the internet connection problems help file.

i hopefully @TReKiE Will help me to solve the problems.


its dead

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How did you get the app ???
Pls send link

bro look. goto wayback machine and search Games for windows Live and select year 2010. then download

of course gfwl is dead. maybe can you help me if you are microsoft supporter. please fix this Bullsh*t

Alternatively, this link works too:

But you can’t fix a dead app. Also, he’s not a microsoft supporter.

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well thanks. gfwm are still supported we thought gfwm are dead

the server’s are fucked so you can not sign in at all only on the one from 2011 i managed sign in on that but its useless there are no games or anything

its just useless crap

Well i tryed it in but it redirited me to the old xbox webpage

Then use that link as an alternative solution: