Compiling Xeon production's aim server troubles

So I’ve found Xeon production’s aim server software a while back and I could never get it to compile right I have no real knowledge of Coding and such but even with VB6 compiler it never worked and I was wondering if anyone else can get it to work

Download link for the source code and such in VB6

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It compiled fine for me in VB6 without modification. Here is the compiled binary: (109.7 KB)


“Component mscomctl.ocx is missing” I’ll see if I can fix this on my own but thank you very much

Same. IDK how it wouldn’t compile in VB6 unless one of the needed ActiveX controls are missing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, yes. Just fine on my Windows 7 install w/ VB6. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The mscomctl.ocx (Microsoft Common Controls) is a COM component that comes with the VB6 install that includes the tab controls, progress bars, the treeview, etc. So if it’s missing, that may also be the part of your problem with getting it working on your own.

As I expect you’ve already found the OCX and registered it, you’re probably good to go. Maybe now your own VB copy will work? If not, you may want to reinstall it.

Re-installing visual studio 6 as last time I tried this (few months ago) I was using a portable editon of it and it never worked

Hah. VB6 Portable? That’ll never really register the system COM controls properly due to it not having the proper setup. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it wanted to install it self to C: drive and I had no space left on it : P

LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it to launch so far!

Cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Annnd it can’t do much : (

Well, you tried. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah altho I did find MSN server software :wink: I’m going to see if I can get that working and if not I’ll just beg bill gates to give me the MSN server software

I can only tell what you mean… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I don’t really know what to do I guess just wait till iwarg releases his server if he ever will