Coming Soon! - SkyComputer

SkyComputer will be a service hosted by me to have cloud VMs for free

it will be soon avaible since im gonna unbox 3 beast PCs in the big unboxing, it will only be avaible after the big unboxing

we’re not sure when i will be able to do this, but i will


well youll need some good internet, also thats gonna cost a lot


yeah, you’re probably gonna want to pick another name

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welp do you have any suggestion?

@retiWin ales can i use the ShostPC name?

Choose the name VHost


BTW, Alessio saves those names for future projects so won’t probably give it.

use something simple like skycomputer

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“The service where we give you a free cloud PC”

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Skycomputer has been choosed, congrats et

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literraly breaksdown

lmao, shostpc is alive, some vms are even running, its in test phase, soo welp no you cant use the shostpc name.


oh. Bumped the post for people

Is there any way to get a cloud machine without discord?

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Also when sky computer is out ill check it ouy

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Bump but pro tip: Use qemu, as it’s quite flexible.