Colorful nick


how to made colorful animated nick in messenger


I think it’s a Messenger Plus Script


Well! I have a script for ya! Random-Gradiator-3.0.plsc (7.0 KB)
WLM 8.5 only.


Lol, I could not disable this script for nothing. I had to remove it to get back to normal :stuck_out_tongue:


You just have to press the disable button on the bottom.


And I did it, but it was not for nothing. The only button that worked was ‘Cancel’.


Huh, strange. It works for me.


also, the problem with Messenger Plus! is that styled text is just bbCode [c=1]text[/c] for a example, on MessengerGeek, this shows as text, in Plus!, it changes the color, easier to write, not backwards compatible. (Plus 3 uses a very hard (infact impossible) to write “string”)




@ice is dead


i killed him I killed fire
(i killed the killer of ice)