Collabvm doesn't work for me!


this is all i get :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the vms are broken

I think you don’t know how to fix it.

welcome to collabvm

It’s the site who’s having issues.

(Off-Topic: Also anyone noticed the christmas features are now gone?)

Fix from @icanttellyou
It seems that CollabVM staff are always annoying and they always hide it. So they write the same damn message again.

I don’t remember doing something bad on CollabVM. maybe the site’s always DOWN.

uhhh thats fake. it was from that guy. (u/itsthechocolateman) is just his alt.

Yeah… It doesn’t really work. I pressed on one of the images with a good timing and…

Yeah they’re really damn salty. Strike sounds like if he was a high school bully

Uhh the staff never hide it only it hides every single vm once vm1 and multicollab die

restored :slight_smile:

*>Hating the title by @yellows111

Then why are the VMs still usable after clicking one of the vms with a good timing? I even saw you having drama with other people (because those other people are salty as hell).

Typical @icanttellyou lithuanian actions

The other vms are still up once you can’t see them.