Code erreur 81000306


there is an error code each time I connect and reconnect on my different msn 81000306 error has major ports in question I have to repair and troubleshoot every time I have to download the latest version I did not include am I the only necessary does it do I uninstall and reinstall any PLEASE ??
il y un code erreur a chaque fois que je me connecte et reconnecte sur mes differents compte msn erreur 81000306 ports principaux en cause je suis obligé de réparer et dépanner a chaque fois j ai télécharger la derniere version je ne comprend pas suis je le seul faut t il que je désinstalle tout et réinstaller??MERCI


@TReKiE have the problem sometimes log in and sometimes shows that error

i believe tha has a problem from the previous fix,now that servers has been restored,maybe you should look again??


apres désinstalation et réinstallation cela affiche toujours le code erreur pourtant avec la derniere version je ne comprend pas?
after uninstalling and reinstalling it still displays the error code with the latest version yet I do not understand?





This might be caused by a cache bug.

  • If you go to your file manager then you enable hidden files and folders.
  • Then go to users\your username\app data\local\temp.
  • Delete the messenger cache folder thats stored in the temp folder.
  • reboot system and try to sign in again.


c is what the march continued on windows 10?


how does it to do all his?


will post a screenshot about what i mean in english later.
I cannot post a screen shot my self, because my OS is Dutch so you wont understand a thing.
But Alexis knows what i mean, and will try to help you.


he says problem has been fixed :slight_smile:


From 1PM today (Brussels meridian time) I cannot connect to Windows Live Messenger with Error code 81000306 on my 2 PC’s…
Something new on Windows servers ?
Thank you for your help !


Same here, but different error code, this morning everything was normal, but as of right now, it seeems i cant log on, error 80072efd. Thank you