Club Penguin Island is shutting down


If anything, it shows how bad of a move it was to kill off Club Penguin.

Finally this fucking rip off of the original CP is dead


This is so sad
can we hit record high arctic temperatures?

we have revivals, freind

dont dare to make a revival of CPi , the game is horrible

no, revival of original CP

oh , yeah we have great ones


but exists (clon of penguin island but there is characters from kikoriki)

club penguin wasnt really that fun if you think about it enough


oh damnn

its russian

I personally never played Club Penguin Island but, it’s just a terrible game. You have to forcedly have membership to do almost everything,

yea i know

The Quackity Raid made the servers unstable and Disney had to pay a lot.

Dont forget we have “Club Penguin Rewritten”, its sooo much better.

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Hey! a intersing fact that i know someone that is making a CPI private server open source! so we will have CPIPS after CPI dead!

the guy currently have working walking and creating clothes

i am so happy for this, disney got what it deserved for being a greedy company