Choose your favorite "the code monkeys" logo

well you are here if you try finding that logo to pick it favorite, i can give you its list including footage/photo only
1.general (1990-1998, , for some reason, there are other variants)
2.general 2 (1994, The Code Monkeys Logo (1994) - YouTube)
3. general 3 (1995, The Code Monkeys Logo (1995) - YouTube)
4.wooden frame (1999-2004,
5.sticking the logo (2001, The Code Monkeys Logo (2001) - YouTube)
6.boxing (2002, The Code Monkeys logo - YouTube)
7. jester monkey (2003-2007, The Code Monkeys logo - YouTube, for some reason, the title is the same but the video is not.)
8.modern logo (2007-2011, , the last logo of the code monkeys)
you can try choosing it, mines is number 6, boxing.

I like #2, although Iā€™m biased since I remember it from Topcat Alley.

The boxing monkeys are really awesome though :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks for liking my choice

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