Chicos porque no puedo acceder a msn messenger 4.7 3.6 2.2

Problem description:
no puedo acceder en esas verciones intente hacerlo con autopatcher pero no funciono que hago. y me da miedo modificar regedit. ayudenme!/I can not access in those versions try to do it with autopatcher but it does not work that I do. and I’m afraid to modify regedit. help me!

Messenger version:
Windows version: windows 10-windows 7-windows xp

  1. you do need to edit regedit to get messenger1.0 - 4.7 to work.
  2. make sure you have set old msn support while registering your account.

yes but I’m afraid to change regedit.

I will provide a file which changes it for you. it will add a dword value in your registry for messenger 1.0 - 4.7 to work.SetEscargotServer.reg (107 Bytes)