Chegará o suporte para o WLM 14?

Queria saber quando chegará o suporte para o WLM 14, Há alguma Previsão para a chegada do WLM 14?

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Não, e pode demorar. Pois várias informações do código fonte do WLM 2009 (14) foram perdidas.

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Really? Nooooo. :cry:

@anon50801480 @carlosanimax Well, if valtron revived Messenger with a entirely new server, he can revive WLM 14, he only needs time


The problem is, we know nothing about how the MSNP18 protocol works.

Wlm 2009 uses MSNP18

While this time you can install Wlm 2009 beta skin for Wlm 8.5 :slight_smile: (Theme) WLM 2009 Beta for (646.4 KB)

Or you can use the theme i maked :smile:

Tema de Windows Live messenger 2009 para Windows Live Messenger 8.5

Is only in English and Spanish :confused:

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The skin also works in French :stuck_out_tongue: I tried it

Cool. That pretty much confirms that this skin is gonna work on every language.

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I refer to “msgslang.dll”

Oks, Gracias Bro. n.n