Chat Live Messenger - A Messenger Mobile reviver!?!?!

Recently I’ve been searching up, to see if someone tried to do a thing similar to Mercury Messenger because it has no longer ‘support’, so I found in Google Play something called CLM(Chat Live Messenger), I started to use it and it looks like this:

What do you think? Would you try it? If you would, would you give me your opinion about this program?

its pretty much already proven that its a diet coke WLM

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It does not use Escargot’s servers,


and its also a diet coke wlm 2009. as i said earlier

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at least it works.


But can you add contacts? can we all use it and start to talk by phone now?


could you send a link or apk file?

Here you go:

Overall perfect.

Tbh, i wouldn’t try but it would function a bit like WLM 2009 and i would say it sounds nice.