Changing email address on Escargot?


Hey all, I just got a snazzy new real email address and I want to move my Escargot account to that email (keeping contacts), is that in any way possible? Or will I have to move manually and tell my friends to add that account. Thanks


no, you would have to make a new account, then tell all of your contacts that you are moving to a new address, and keep the old as an alt.


also how did you get an email?, msn is dead, its just a news portal, not an entire network full of services anymore.


Thanks, I’ve moved. Also about the email, I just bought MSN dialup, it still comes with a email


you actually bought dial-up in 2017? thats alteast unheard of


ah, makes sence of why you bought something so old, after seeing your profile.


oh wait, on msn open the contacts menu then click save contact list, then it will be easier to copy the contacts


60 pound a year, wow thats 5 pound a month


use MSN Explorer lol


just if someone else wants to get MSN Premium:


for msn premium users: MSN Explorer


“farticle” LOL, best link ever


yeah but its faster than my home internet at times :joy:


LOL (spacefiller)


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only the 1st 2 messages are important


@InvoxiPlayGames an you upload a sceenshot of the latest version of MSN Explorer? im so curious to see how it looks nowdays :stuck_out_tongue:


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