Change My Software revival

hey guys!
before get into my revival stuff, i need to tell what CMS (Change My Software) was…
Change My Software was a scam made in 2014 that “allows you to install windows on android” that was totally fake, some months l8r, more stuff appeared (8.1 edition, exe to apk, android installer for Windows phone or apple iOS) and in 2016, ramesh (the owner of this scam) did the 10 edition, still a scam
the problem was, it had survey, and you can’t download from other sources due to the ID thing (when you do the survey, an ID is generated for your IP and only that IP can use it)

i’m actually making a new website, witch doesn’t have survey, everything recoded to be real!

Nice rip :stuck_out_tongue: /s


Thanks, I hate it.

I mean, the idea sucks from the beginning: Turning a scam into a real thing? Fucking really?..

Second, do you really think that turning EXEs into APKs will work that easily?..

And, to finish, you ripped the website.


What about creating your own software site like “PedroxSoftwareDownload” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(re: pedrox) weird idea but ok

what’s your web browser? i also tried this on IE and the same problem

  1. SCAMS ISN’T GOOD! i wanna make it real ffs
  2. Wine

a nice idea imo, i’m not gonna make it now but maybe soon

I doubt you can find an exploit that gives you full storage access to flash a Windows RT ROM without rooting the device, or even cramming a exe into a apk.

I doubt you can cram in Wine into a apk.

i mean, just like the MSN Messenger 7.5 on Mac, it wash the EXE file, but converted to .app, maybe i can do the same for APK

EDIT: both with wine


oh, old browsers are shit with that “animated” buttons on the page

angry chrome 52 noises

Indeed it’s “old”, one week ago release, so it’s super old :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s firefox 42 based, firefox 42 is VERY OLD

wow you hate software for being old. firefox 42 is still really fucking good even in 2019

plus its from 2015 so its not even that old